Image Visualization

For my third module project in DGST 101, I picked Image Visualization. For this, you pick a topic, gather all the photos you can from as far back as able, and make it into one single image.

For my image visualization, I chose to go through all the pictures I have on my computer from any time I've traveled. Using IMJ I took all the photos I could find, which were about from 8th grade on, and made them into one. Since I live about 30 minutes from Washington D.C., I just used pictures from my most recent visit there, seeing as it's not really "traveling".

Locations in the pictures inlclude (not in order):

barcode style

The first style I used on IMJ was the "barcode". It took all my pictures, stretched each one into a single line, and then put them all next to each other. The final outcome, obviously, ends up looking like a barcode.

You can't see each picture individually, put you can somewhat tell which ones are related. For example, there is a section on the left end of the picture that is all a turquois color, which was all the pictures from my time in Turks and Caicos where the water is exactly that color.

all the travel photos into barcode mode

montage style

I was intreagued with how the barcode style turned out, so I tried the same pictures in the style "montage".

Although very very small, you can now see the actual individual photos more or less.

all the travel photos into montage mode

I really like both ways that the final product ended up, both are interesting and fun to look at. It's amazing to look at all these different and unique locations come together.